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COBRA Administration Manager:
Overview Video

Watch this short video to quickly understand the benefits of choosing COBRA Administration Manager. From our exaustive list of features to our outstanding testimonials, you'll quickly realize why our software became the #1 selling COBRA manager in the industry. Try the software out for yourself by downloading the trial version here.

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Everything You Need to Stay Compliant

Our software is designed to make COBRA administration easy. Important date notifications, automatic tracking of COBRA qualifiers and dependents, customized letters, over 30 detailed reports, quick coupon creation and more... all with just a few clicks.

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Versions for Single Company and Multi-Company Administration

Whether you are a single company administering COBRA for your employees, or a Third Party Administrator offering benefits service for multiple companies, COBRA Administration Manager comes in a version to fit your needs. The Single Company version offers everything you will need to administer COBRA for your own company. The Multi-company version, perfect for TPA's, offers the ability to easily organize and administrate COBRA for up to 9,999 groups.

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Automated Workflow

Once employees are entered into the system, the software will track all important events. The Things-To-Do List will always keep you updated when mandatory action must be taken. Simply double clicking the item in the Things-To-Do List will launch you into the next step. Letters and coupons are automatically customized for your company and employees. Employee File Cabinets keep track of all the actions you've taken. Documenting your COBRA administration is easy with several Monthly Reports.

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Outstanding Support

With COBRA Solutions, you'll never be left in the dark. We are experts in both our software and COBRA law. Not sure where to find a specific report? Need to know what to do in an unusual COBRA situation? Drop us a line or send us an email. You'll always get a timely response from COBRA Solutions.



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Designed for TPA's

COBRA Companion can make data entry much simpler and less time consuming. It is a web-based application that allows the 'Employer' to log onto our secure website and enter and track COBRA events. Once the 'Employer' enters the information, COBRA Companion will import the information directly into your COBRA Administration Manager software.


Easy To Use

COBRA Administration Manager is designed to give you everything you need, from reports to Qualifying Events, within only a few clicks. The software will do most of the heavy lifting automatically, including tracking important COBRA events and notifying you to take action.

Compliance Updates

From Congressional healthcare bills, to court case rulings, to Department of Labor regulations, COBRA is constantly changing. With our timely compliance updates for the software, you can rest assured that your business will stay compliant, no matter what changes.

Monthly Newsletter

Stay up to date on the constantly changing laws with our valuable newsletter. Your organization will never be out of the loop again when it comes to employee benefit legislation and policy interpretation. Sent to your inbox for your convenience.


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The full version contains everything you need to stay compliant with COBRA law. If you are a first time buyer of the software, click the “See Pricing Options” button below.

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COBRA Solutions

Administration Manager

With over 13,000 single and TPA versions sold, the COBRA Administration Manager is simply the best selling COBRA administration software on the Market.

➤   Ensure COBRA compliance
➤   Avoid COBRA-related penaulties
➤   Up-To-Date COBRA notifications
➤   20-year proven track record

Cafeteria Plan Manager

Cafeteria Plan

Track employee's pre-tax benefits. Administer Premium Only Plans (POP), Medical Reimbursement, and Dependent Care Reimbursment Plans

➤   Emplopyer-FICA Tax savings
➤   Employee-Decrease Tax Liability
➤   Plan Documents Included
➤   A Win/Win Plan for Employers and Employees