The COBRA Administration Manager was created in 1991 as the solution to the increased responsibility that employers were experiencing administrating COBRA. Today, 24 years later with over 13,000 customers, COBRA Administration Manager has become the industries #1 selling COBRA Administration Program. The program organizes the timely sequence of events and reports into one integrated system with an automated, cost effective, easy to use solution that will provide “peace of mind” knowing your organization is in compliance with Federal COBRA Law and protected from the ongoing increase in COBRA litigations. You can download a demo of COBRA Administration Manager by filling out this form here.

➤   Software creates all required notifications and documents all COBRA related events
➤   Software is updated to maintain your compliance with Federal Law
➤   COBRA Solutions will be your reference for all COBRA related questions
➤   One small mistake could cost your firm $100,000 in penalties and lawsuit

Total COBRA Administration

  • Complete COBRA Administration from A to Z
  • Easy To Use
  • Unparalleled Support

The Single Company version of the software is perfect for companies that want to administer COBRA for themselves. This version will do everything necessary to help you stay compliant with COBRA law, including tracking participants’ statuses, create customized letters, and notify you when actions need to be taken. If you only need to administer for a single group or company, this is the version for you.

The Single Company version includes:

  • Software creates all required notifications and documents all COBRA related events
  • Software updates to maintain compliance with Federal Law
  • COBRA Solutions will be your reference for all COBRA related questions

Starting at $690

The Multi-company version of the software is perfect for Third Party Administrators that want to administer COBRA for multiple organizations. This version allows administrators to easily track as many as 9,999 groups at once. If you need to administer COBRA for more than one company, this is the version for you.

The Multi-Company version incorporates all the features of our single company version plus:

  • Administer up to 9,999 groups
  • Produce multiple reports on one .pdf file for emailing
  • Create monthly invoice for groups whereby TPA’s can charge per letter produced
  • Easily copy letters from one group to one or more other groups
  • Designate groups “inactive” saving information but not showing on Things-to-do-list

Starting at $1470

Customer Testimonials

"The COBRA solutions software has made COBRA administration extremely easy. The software is easy to use, easy to update, and makes it easy to stay up to date on the ever-changing COBRA laws."

Teri Anderson
Inter-Coastal Electronics, Inc - Mesa, AZ

"To keep current on COBRA administration, I need software that's intuitive and service reps that are knowledgeable and dependable. COBRA Solutions fits the bill. Thanks for providing a high value product and service that perform as advertised."

John Rudd
Cole, Cole & Easley, P. C. - Victoria, TX

"I absolutely love my COBRA Solutions program. It took all the guesswork out of what was due, when it was due and reminds me of what I need to do! I would pay for this program out of my own pocket if my organization could not afford it."

Susan Tombridge
Epworth Children & Family Services - St. Louis, MO

Screen Shots

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Things-To-Do List

Upon starting the program, the Things-To-Do List appears explaining what COBRA events need your attention. It will notify you when to send conversion notification, terminate people for nonpayment, enter new insurance rates and to send a COBRA completion letter. Just double click the shown event and the procedure is performed automatically. The Things-To-Do List tracks over 27 COBRA-related events so that you don't have to. With the Things-To-Do-List, you will not miss important events because it won’t let you!


No matter how powerful a software program is, if it isn’t easy to learn and operate - it won’t be used! The COBRA Administration Manager is a Windows-based program that has been setup similar to most programs. The program offers on-screen help and on-line manual (but most users never have a need to refer to them). A major reason for this is because the Things-To-Do-List handles most of the events for you, automatically.

Updated for HIPAA and COBRA Final Regulations

With the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1986 (HIPAA), the COBRA Administration Manager's notifications and database has been update to include the changes made to COBRA. The program will now prepare the Certificate of Coverage document that needs to be provided to all employees/dependents being terminated from a group plan. With over 25 changes made by the Final Regulations, the COBRA Administration Manager will maintain your firm's compliance with the law.

Premium Collection Methods

The Program offers three methods for collecting monthly premiums from COBRA participants. If you offer benefits to Retired Employees, the program has the ability to create invoices for them.

➤  Invoices - The program will create invoices for all COBRA Participants at the click of a mouse.
➤  Unpaid balances carry forward so that there is never an issue as to premiums due.
➤  Coupons - Much like a mortgage coupon book, the program creates a coupon detailing coverage and monthly costs. COBRA Participants send in their check along with the associated month's coupon and the program will track all payments.
➤  Do Nothing - Since the law does not require employers to provide a collection vehicle, you may elect to place the responsibility on the COBRA Participant. The system will update premiums due upon every new month.

COBRA Notifications

The program comes equipped with the necessary notifications and offers you the ability to edit/modify them to meet your corporate/state requirements. With the built-in word processor, you not only have the ability to edit letters but may create your own (and even include variable information). All notifications are personalized to the COBRA Qualifier/Participant and can be folded to have the address show through a #10 windowed envelope.

➤   Initial COBRA Notification (Required by Law)
➤   COBRA Qualifying Event Letter (Required by Law)
➤   Certificate of Coverage
➤   Four Different Termination Letters (Required by Law)
➤   Conversion to Individual Plan (Required by Law)
➤   Multiple Qualifying Event Letter (Required by Law)
➤   Rate Change Notification
➤   Personalized Open Enrollment Notice
➤   Short Payment Notification (Required by Law)
➤   Monthly Invoices
➤   Monthly Retiree Invoices
➤   Payment Coupon Booklet

Integrated Software is the Solution

It is essential to start and maintain a database that stores your firm’s COBRA information. Many organizations have created documents in a word processing program and billing information in an accounting package. Next, they need a database of active employees and a spreadsheet program to track the COBRA-related time frames. Without an integrated system, you have to enter information into four different software programs for one terminated employee. The COBRA Administration Manager is an integrated program that stores the data in a single location and draws from that data for all COBRA notifications. A built-in word processor offers the ability to produce personalized documents that detail a qualified beneficiary’s rights under the law. Once COBRA is excepted, the billing function creates invoices and tracks COBRA premium payments.

Up-To-Date Notifications

The software interacts with the Internet to provide your firm with up-to-date COBRA notifications. The law changes all the time and without notice, your firm may be in jeopardy. With a click of a button, updated notifications are downloaded and available for your review and use. And with the built-in word processor, you have the ability to modify any of the documents, quickly and easily!

Monthly Reports

The key to administering COBRA is documenting everything! The COBRA Administration Manager produces up to 25 different reports detailing...

➤  Initial COBRA Notifications Prepared;
➤  Individuals Experiencing a "Qualifying Event;
➤  Participant's Payment Status;
➤  A breakdown in Premium Payments;
➤  How Much to Reimburse Insurance Companies;
➤  Insurance Plan Enrollment;
➤  Dependents Over Eligible Age;
➤  Participants Past Due;
➤  A Participant's Payment History; and
➤   Who Should be Terminated from COBRA.

COBRA Qualifier

Entering a COBRA Qualifier is easy. You simply enter the Qualifier's Personal information (i.e. name, social, address, dependents, etc.) then enter their insurance plan (medical, dental, & others), COBRA Qualifying Event reason, hire date and benefit start date. That's it. The COBRA Administration Manager will produce the employee's personalized COBRA Qualifying Event letter, with a HIPAA certificate of coverage attached.

Other Features

➤   Networkable (Up to 5 Users)
➤   32-Bit Architecture
➤   Life Insurance/FSA Premium tracking
➤   COBRA Procedure Manual
➤   36 month Billing Review
➤   Retiree Billing Program
➤   Recent COBRA Developments via internet
➤   Password Feature for security
➤   Routine Backup Procedure
➤   Import and Export critical data
➤   Track dependent’s ages for eligibility
➤   Mailing labels (30 to a page)
➤   Upgradeable to enhanced versions
➤   Produces HIPAA Certificates
➤   Open Enrollment Procedure

System Requirments

Processor Intel Pentium-compatible CPU (32-bit and 64-bit)
RAM 2 GB of RAM (4 GB preferred)
Hard Disk 60 MB free space *
Display Designed for XGA resolution at 800 x 600 or higher
Operating System Windows 7
Windows Server 2008
Windows 8
Windows Server 2012
Windows 10
Windows Server 2017
Windows Server 2019
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 (optional)
Privileges Administrative privileges on the folder
Mouse Microsoft InelliMouse or other compatible pointing device
Internet Access Used for updates (optional, but recommended)

* The TPA version will need more space because it stores information on each company/group in separate folders. Plan an extra 10-50mb per company/group.

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