A Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Agreement allows small businesses to give tax-deductable funds to employees for medical expenses and insurance premiums, without administering a company group plan. Previously, HRA plans were not compliant with the Affordable Care Act, but in December 2016, the 21st Century Cures Act was passed, once again making HRAs an affordable health benefit option for qualified small businesses. Here's how your QSE HRA plan would work with QSE HRA Manager:

  1.   Software walks you through the process of setting up a QSE HRA to fit your company's needs

  2.   You select the tax-free reimbrusement amount that each employee is entitled to

  3.   QSE HRA Manager keeps track of expenses and reimbusements for each employees and the organization as a whole

  4.   One small mistake could cost your firm thousands in lost tax deductions

Single Company Version

The Single Company version of the software is perfect for companies that want to administer a QSEHRA for themselves. This version will do everything necessary to help you stay compliant with the law, including tracking participants’ statuses, create customized letters, and notify you when actions need to be taken. If you only need to administer for a single group or company, this is the version for you.

The Single Company version includes:

  • Software helps administrate your company's QSE HRA
  • Software updates to maintain compliance with Federal Law
  • COBRA Solutions will be your reference for all QSE HRA related questions

Starting at $395


Multi Company Version

The Multi-company version of the software is perfect for Third Party Administrators that want to administer QSEHRAs for for multiple organizations. This version allows administrators to easily track as many as 999 groups at once. If you want to administer QSE HRAs for more than one company, this is the version for you.

The Multi-Company version incorporates all the features of our single company version plus:

  • Administer up to 999 groups
  • Produce multiple reports on one .pdf file for emailing
  • Create monthly invoice for groups whereby TPA’s can charge per letter produced
  • Easily copy letters from one group to one or more other groups
  • Designate groups “inactive” saving information but not showing on Things-to-do-list

Starting at $1995


Screen Shots

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Things-To-Do List

Upon starting the program, the Things-To-Do List appears explaining what QSE HRA events need your attention. With the Things-To-Do-List, you will not miss important events because it won’t let you!


No matter how powerful a software program is, if it isn’t easy to learn and operate - it won’t be used! The COBRA Administration Manager is a Windows-based program that has been setup similar to most programs. The program offers on-screen help and on-line manual (but most users never have a need to refer to them). A major reason for this is because the Things-To-Do-List handles most of the events for you, automatically.

Provides All Necessary Documents

QSE HRA Manager comes with all necessary documents. The IRS requires numerous documentation from businesses administering a QSE HRA, including the Plan Document and medical expense substantiation. The software will automatically compose these documents based on the plan you create and the documents and info you gather from employees. There's no easier way to stay compliant and avoid losing valuable tax deductions.

PC Based System

QSE HRA Manager is a PC based solution, not internet based. This avoids the risks associated with online security and site downtime.

Encrypted Database and Password Protected

Your data is encrypted to protect the private information of your employees. With password protection and encryption, only you will be able to access the sensitive information about your employees.

Walks You Through Plan Setup

Creating a new QSE HRA plan for you company is a breeze with QSE HRA Manager. The software will walk you though all your options when designing a plan, and you can be completely set up in minutes.

Easily Create 23 Different Reports

The software can automatically create 23 different reports for your administration needs, including Annual Plan Financial report, Submitted receipts, reimbursements paid, Account Balance report, and many more. You can easily see the status of any aspect of your QSE HRA plan within seconds.

Updated With Changes In The Law

QSE HRA Manager will make following the law easy, no matter what changes are made in the future. In a world where healthcare laws are constantly changing, you rest assured that your company will be prepared for any changes related to QSE HRA laws and regulations.

Easy Import from Excel

You can quickly add employees and their information to QSE HRA Manager from an Excel file, meaning you can get your plan set up even faster.

Other Features

➤   Networkable (Up to 5 Users)
➤   32-Bit Architecture
➤   Updates via internet
➤   Routine Backup Procedure
➤   Import and Export critical data
➤   Built-in Word Processor

System Requirments

Processor 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
RAM 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
Hard Disk 60 MB free space *
Display Designed for XGA resolution at 800 x 600 or higher
Operating System Windows 7
Windows Server 2008
Windows 8
Windows Server 2012
Windows 10
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (optional)
Privileges Administrative privileges on the folder
Mouse Microsoft InelliMouse or other compatible pointing device
Internet Access Used for updates (optional, but recommended)

* The TPA version will need more space because it stores information on each company/group in separate folders. Plan an extra 10-50mb per company/group.