is perfect for companies that want to administer COBRA for themselves. Our easy-to-use website does everything necessary to keep you compliant with the COBRA law.

Our Single Company solution will;

  • produce all required notifications.
  • document all COBRA related events.
  • track COBRA related timeframes.
  • track COBRA premium payments.
  • notify you when actions need to be taken.
  • update website to maintain compliance.
  • email support for all COBRA related questions.
  • do much more. See more detailed information by clicking the button below. was built with the Third-Party COBRA Administrator and insurance broker in mind. It is an easy-to-use website just like our single company solution, plus the ability to administer multiple companies.

Our multi company solution will do everything that our single company solution does, plus;

  • multiple setup configurations.
  • client access to the website.
  • automatically generate and email monthly reports.
  • client billing.
  • email reminders.
  • accept online COBRA participant premium payments.
  • client assisted open enrollment.
  • much more. See more detailed information by clicking the button below.

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Web-based COBRA Administration

Would you like to use your web browser to administer COBRA online?

We offer two easy to use web-based COBRA solutions. A single company solution and third-party administrator (TPA) solution.

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